Add on Electro Mesotherapy Infusion

For deeper immediately visible results and revitalised and refreshed skin. Featuring maximum cellular penetration. Infusion treatments can also be given together with other medical aesthetic procedures.
Facial Ampoule Options:
- Face Intensive Hydration

- Face Collagen Booster
- Face Anti Wrinkle and Lifting

$39 $29 $19
Add on LED Therapy

Red Light – Increases blood oxygen and circulation, stimulates collagen and elastin formation and production, improves skin texture, fantastic for red, dull, aged and dehydrated skins.

Blue Light – Helps with bacteria and acne control.  Promotes skin health and clean appearance.

Green Light – Helps with pigmentation, promotes even and brighter skin tone.

Infrared – Helps with muscle tone, perfect for recent scaring or loss of muscle tone.

$29 $19 $9
Add on Hydro or Microdermabrasion

Good bye dead skin. Hello fresh, clear and super soft new skin. Free of irritation and any discomfort, dermabrasion treatments offer you a fully customisable, clean and aesthetic treatment experience that is relaxing, enjoyable and delivers results from the very first treatment.

$29 $19 $9
Add on Pro Dermal Peel
Peels that change and absolutely make wonders for your skin. Please read page (please put page that has prodermal peels) for peel information.
$29 $19 $9
Add on Multi-Fruit Scientific Organic Peel

The best peel for anyone wanting to remove dead skin cells. Renews complexion, brightens, nourishes and clarifies your skin as well as minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  The best peel for first timers.

$19 $15 $9
Add on Extractions
Get rid of those unwanted blackheads, old pimples, acne and annoying white spots particularly around the eyes known as milia. Achieve a fresh and clean skin look.
$19 $15 $10
Eye Collagen Treatment Pads

Super-soothing gauze eye masks packed with active minerals and calming plant extracts. Soothes, calms, reduces puffiness, remineralises, lightens. Simple but a powerful addition.

$19 $15 $10
Nail Paint

Choose between your fingers and toes or have both.  Choose a pretty colour and walk out of the room not only relaxed but with lovely hands or feet.

$19 $15 $10