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Terms & Conditions

Paulina’s Pay – General Terms & Conditions

  1. Definitions
    • “Service Provider” mean Paulina de los Reyes Makeup Beauty Skin Clinic ABN 55 738 307 944.
    • “Client” means the individual recipient of services under this agreement.
    • “Services” means the service purchased by the client under this agreement.
    • “Contract Period” mean the period of time as stipulated under this agreement.
    • “Total Cost” means the amount of payable upfront or per week / fortnight under this agreement or the cost of any services provided by Paulina de los Reyes Makeup Beauty Skin Clinic.
    • “Termination Fees” refers to the amount payable by a member for the services covered under this agreement.
    • “Late Payment” refers to a direct debit payment that is declined and/or not paid on the due date.
    • “Contract suspension” means the service provider has agreed to postpone the services for a period of time.
    • “Cooling off period” means the first 7 business days of the contract period.
    • “Force majeure” means act of god or event outside of the services provider control.
    • “Safe studio practices” refers to the verbal and written stipulations for safe practice as outlined by the service provider.
    • “Acceptance” means your agreement verbally, implied or written to these terms of payment plan.
  2. Terms
    • Contract Period: The client agrees to pay the service provider the stipulated fee upfront or per week / fortnight in addition to any associated fees outlined in 2.2 from the start date of this agreement.
    • Fees: The client agrees to pay the upfront or per week / fortnight fee as specific in the payment plan. Fees will be direct debited from the clients nominated credit card. Fees stipulated within this contract are not subject to change.
    • Declined Payments: The client agrees to make good any declined member payments within (3) days of the payment processing date. The client is liable to pay any bank fees associated with the declined payment as well as late payment fee of $10.00 per declined transaction. If a client fails to make good on a payment plan within 7 days from the payment processing date, the contract will be suspended by the service provider with the full balance of the contract immediately payable.
    • The member acknowledges that fees are not refundable.
    • Cooling Off Period: The client acknowledges that a cooling off period of 7 business days applies to this contract. If the client cancels the contract within the cooling off period the service provider will retain any fees already to the value of $50.00.
    • Contract Cancellation: The service provider can cancel this contract at any time for the following reasons:
      1. Failure to meet any contract obligations
      2. Failure to follow the direction and instruction of the service provider
        In all instances the member acknowledges that they remain liable for full terms of the contract and all the provisions of this contract.
    • Health Disclosure: The client acknowledges that they will disclose to the service provider all pre-existing conditions, medical or otherwise and any condition for which they are receiving treatment prior to signing the payment plan contract. The client agrees to disclose any future conditions, medical or otherwise as they arise during the treatment plan. The client agrees to follow the direction and instructions of the service provider.
    • Force Majeure: The client acknowledges that if the service provider cannot trade due to a force majeure then all the terms of this agreement remain valid.
  3. General Provisions
    • The member and service provider acknowledge that this contract is governed by the laws of the state of Victoria and any disputes held under this agreement will be settled through VCAT or the Victorian Magistrates court.
    • If any term or stipulation within this agreement becomes invalid then the remaining terms of the agreement remain valid.
    • The client acknowledges the service provider will retain personal details and disclosed medical information about the client in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 and in accordance with the privacy principles as outlined by the privacy ombudsman.


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