Are you thinking about getting eyelash tinting or lash extensions? If you wear make-up and mascara on a daily basis, you’ll find that eyelash tinting or lash extensions help cut down on your morning routine. You’ll never have to wear mascara again. If you also want to transform your look and get eyelashes that you wish you were born with, an eyelash tint or lash extensions is what you need.

But how do you choose between either of the two? Well, if you are getting lash treatments for the first time, there are some factors you need to take into consideration when choosing between eyelash tinting and lash extensions. In this guide, we provide you with everything you need to know about the two eyelash treatments including their pros and cons.

The Benefits of Eyelash Tinting

eyelash-tinting-300x222First, eyelash tinting treatment is a cosmetic treatment that changes the colour of the eyelashes temporary. It is the dying your eyelashes to create a long-lasting mascara effect.  If you want to wear eyelash tint, there are some benefits that come along with it. One of the most significant benefits is that it’s ideal for pale complexions.

We know that people with red or blonde hair are sometimes disadvantaged. They have delicate eyelashes and a low contrast look that hides their eyes, making them appear smaller. But, with eyelash tinting, you can add a definition and structure to your entire face. Here are other benefits of eyelash tinting:

  • Eyelash tinting creates a much more dramatic look especially for people who are naturally blonde. So if you have light or translucent eyelashes, tinting is the ideal eyelash treatment for you.
  • Tinting saves you time in the morning as they are around the clock. Unlike mascara that you must apply in the morning, you don’t need that with eyelash tinting.
  • Unlike mascara, tinted eyelashes do not smudge or wash off at night. You just wake up as if you already have to make up on. That makes them the best option for women with a busy
  • They are great for an active lifestyle like swimming etc.
  • Eyelash tinting gives off a more polished and fuller look


How Long Does Eyelash Tinting Last?

Several factors can affect the longevity of your last lash tint. But the consensus among experts is that eyelash tinting will last between three to eight weeks. But to last this long, combine it with an eyelash lift and getting touch-ups as recommended by the technician. Here are factors that can determine how long your tint will last:

  • -Type of dye
  • -Touching lashes in the first 24 hours
  • -Sleeping on your side in 24 hours
  • -Going to the sauna in 24 hours
  • -Sun exposure
  • -How hard you scrub your face
  • -The face cleaner you use
  • -How quickly your hair sheds


Picking The Best Colour For Your Eyelash Tinting

Well, picking the best colour for your eyelash tinting can be a little bit tricky especially if you are doing it for the first time. But if you are getting the tint from a professional salon like Paulina De Los Reyes, then that will not be a problem. The colour of the natural hair determines tint colour. If your hair is brunette, a black tint will work well for you. But if you are blonde, go for dark brown or dark blonde. PDLR’s eyelash tinting experts will help you pick the best colour for you. But, if you have been doing tints regularly, you probably know the colour that works for you.

Pros of Eyelash Extensions

eyelash-extensions-200x300Eyelash extension is a cosmetic treatment where black fibres or fake lashes are attached to the natural eyelashes using a glue. The desired result is to create a more dramatic yet natural look.

If you want to have longer lashes or false lashes with applying mascara, then eyelash extensions treatment is what you need. These lashes will transform your look with minimal changes. Just like lash tinting, they offer a longer time solution than mascara. But how long does eyelash extensions last? Well, they can last 3 to 4 weeks but with proper care, 6-8 weeks. Here are other pros that you can enjoy by wearing lash extensions:

  • -You never get to wear mascara ever again
  • -They cut your makeup by more than half
  • -You can have them customised


The Process Of Eyelash Extensions

The process of eyelash extensions is very simple and takes about 2-3 hours to complete. First, the technician applies glue on the underside of your bottom lashes. Then, a primer is applied on the upper lashes and tweezers are used to isolate your lashes. The technician will then pick up extensions one strand at a time, dip it in the glue, or adhesive, and attach it on top of the isolated natural eyelash. The process is repeated until a complete extension is created. During the whole process, your eyes must stay closed. It's that simple.

However, eyelash extensions are not as low-maintenance as they are with eyelash tinting. They can get easily messy when you sleep or shower, and you need to brush them gently now and then to keep them in good condition. Another thing you need to know is about eyelash extension infections, especially bacterial infections. The common lash extension infections include conjunctivitis, blepharitis, allergic conjunctivitis, stye and Demodex amongst others. You might also get an allergic reaction.

Which Is More Comfortable, Eyelash Tinting or Lash Extensions?

From the information that we have seen so far, there is no doubt that eyelash tint is the most comfortable of the two. They are just a dye with no additional extensions. For the lash extensions, there are a number of things that make them uncomfortable. You need to work on them after sleeping, showers and during the day as they easily get messed up. Also, you risk getting eye infections with lash extensions. So go for a lash tint.

Where Can I Get It Done In Melbourne?

eyelas-procedures-done-199x300Melbourne is the heart of the beauty industry where you can get the cosmetic treatment you need. So if you want to get eyelash treatments whether in the Melbourne CBD or Melbourne suburbs such as Newport, Altona, Williamstown North, there are plenty of top-class and reputable salons that you can select from. But if you are looking for quality, professionalism, and value for money, Paulina de Los Reyes is your best bet. The salon has built an impeccable reputation in the Port Philip Bay Area for almost a decade now. At PDLR, quality service is a guarantee.


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