It's so important to have the perfect pair of brows. Ever struggled with light brows? Get your eyebrows tinted and all your problems will be solved. Choosing your perfect brow method can be challenging. Today, there are many brow tinting methods to look into. This guide tells you all about eyebrow tinting and what it involves, including the option of henna tinting.

The Basics of Eyebrow Tinting

taking-care-of-eyebrows-300x300Eyebrow tinting is a self- explanatory concept. The brow tinting process includes a gentle dye application to your eyebrow hair and skin area. The dye is likely to be focused on your arches and the process should last about ten to fifteen minutes. The purpose of brow tinting is to make your brows a few shades darker giving them fullness and definition. The dye sticks to the lighter hair and helps to offer more drama and shape to your brow. If you want to transform your look by working on your eyebrows, then an eyebrow tint is one of the best treatments. However, it is also important to get the treatment from a reputable salon in Melbourne like Paulina de los Reyes. Get the best professional advice on what can work for you and what you need to get the most out of the treatment. Just a tip for you- to avoid some of the dangers associated with eyebrow tinting and unsafe chemicals that may harm your skin, consider getting your eyelashes tinted at a salon with a long history of experience.


Is Eyebrow Tinting Safe?

Studies have shown that eyebrow tinting is safe. There have been no reports of negative or adverse reactions to brow tinting that was administered properly. Your salon should take extra caution and care when managing their eyebrow tinting process. They should also use a protectant to assure that the brow tint does not leak into your eyes or outside of your brow area. Just like any other brow grooming method, gloves and clean hands should be used during the process.

Why is Eyebrow Tinting Popular?

People who prefer the eyebrow tinting process love the results. The ten to fifteen-minute process can completely change the fullness, shape, and look of your brow. Here are a few reasons why people love eyebrow tinting:

Darkens Your Brow

A darker brow can enhance your entire look and accentuate the beauty of your face. Darkening the brow also intensifies light eyes to stand out on the face.

Keeps your options open

When you choose to tint your brow you’ll have many color choices. You can go deep and intense with a rich dark color, or keep it lighter and bring down the intensity while still achieving the definition.

Mix and Match

Many people choose to tint their brows to match new hair color. Intensify your new hairdo with a matching tinted brow.

Thicken Your Arch

Achieving that spectacular superstar arch can be hard especially if you have thinner brows. Tinting your brows can help you to achieve the perfect sleek and defined brow arch.


Henna Tint vs. Regular Brow Tinting

Henna tinting is a form of eyebrow tinting that stains the skin under your eyebrows. This creates fullness in the area, as though you had defined your brows with eyebrow products. Henna lets you tint your brows temporarily so you can wake up every morning without the need to shape your brows with brow products.

We’ve seen the beautiful hand designsned done with henna ink; now we can use the same natural ink for our brows. Henna ink is a natural alternative to other tinting formulas. Brow henna formula does not require a developer, so no peroxides or color chemicals are used on your skin.


How much does brow tinting cost?

Get your brows done monthly to achieve the most stylish and put-together look. The small cost of regular personal grooming sessions is nothing when it comes to looking professional. Purchasing a package of several brow waxing sessions in the same salon can lead to significant discounts. See our Brows and Lashes price page for package prices.

Where can I get my brows tinted in Melbourne?

There are many salons in the Melbourne area to choose from, but only one has earned the esteem for consistently flawless results. The Paulina de Los Reyes salon is one of the most favored locations in the Port Phillip Bay area. For years, loyal customers from Newport, Altona, Willamstown North, and other neighboring areas have chosen Paulina de Los Reyes as a first choice premier brow location.


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