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Treatment Upgrades

Treatment upgrades and Add on's
Prin Mask $89
PhotonSmart Medical Grade LED $69
LED therapy $29
Alginate Mask $39
Add on Peel (O Cosmedics or G&M Neurocosmedics) $29
Add on Ampule infusion (Vitamins, Collagen or Super hydration choice) $29
Microdermabrasion $29
Add on extractions $19
Add on O Cosmedics Collagen eye treatment masks $19

Upgrades for Skin Treatment in Williamstown

If you’re looking for a cosmetic clinic that goes the extra mile when it comes to skin treatment in Williamstown, you won’t be disappointed by what the team at Paulina de los Reyes can provide. We’re not content with just doing the bare minimum. That’s why we offer a range of upgrades and add ons to our treatments so that we can meet the diverse and complex needs of our clients.

Our Available Add Ons and Upgrades

Our skin treatment clinic can provide the following treatment upgrades and add ons:

  • Enzyme Peels – A blend of natural fruit ingredients that can drastically improve skin texture and tone by digesting dead skin cells and exposing the healthier layers underneath.
  • Peptide Peels – Amino acids that can renew dermis and epidermis cells, reducing the severity of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Vitamin A or AHA’s Peels – Natural exfoliation agents that can be used to remove layers of dead skin cells, revealing younger and healthier layers underneath.
  • Specialised Ampule Infusion – A serum-based facial treatment that includes your choice of vitamins, collagen and/or super hydration ampules.
  • Microdermabrasion – A minimally invasive treatment that involves using a special tool with an abrasive surface to remove outer skin layers for rejuvenation.
  • LED Therapy – Our LED therapy treatment exposes your skin to specific wavelengths of light to treat certain conditions. We offer blue, green and red light therapy in Melbourne.

We also offer collagen eye treatment mask pads that can improve skin elasticity, as well as an alginate mask that uses a natural compound to make skin tauter, suppler and more radiant.

Visit Our Skin Clinic in Williamstown Today

Paulina de los Reyes is a leading skin clinic in Williamstown, Melbourne. Contact us today for more information about the services and treatments we have to offer. You can also book a consultation, during which we’ll assess the condition of your skin and make personalised recommendations.


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