Flawless skin is the key to every beauty secret. If you are looking for a safe way to achieve firm, wrinkle-free, flawless skin, you may be interested in learning more about skin needling. If you’re thinking about giving skin needling a try, you’ll want to take a look at our basic guide for successful skin needling.

What Is Skin Needling/Derma Rolling/Micro-Needling?

Skin needling has been known to go by several different names. Some refer to it as dermal rolling, or micro-needling, it has also been called collagen induction therapy. All of those terms refer to an organic, non-surgical procedure for facial rejuvenation.

skin-needling-treatment-procedure-300x200Skin needling can easily be described as a mini facelift. Microneedling technology creates controlled skin injury to treat wrinkles, fine lines, and acne scarring. Skin needling also helps to even out the skin tone for more firm and beautiful skin.

The skin needling process uses small needles to create fine punctures in the skin. The punctures create tiny micro-wounds which cause the body to produce new collagen and skin glands. This process also triggers the elastin in the papillary dermis.  This process leads to flawless skin glow, texture and firmness.

Skin needling is done with professional tools and devices. Your skin needling professional may use a Dermaroller or a Dermapen device. These devices are fine microneedles of various sizes and lengths. The tool is also made with materials like silicon, polymers, and glass.

When done by a professional, skin needling treatment is shown to be one of the safest skin treatment procedures. The procedure has been considered to be less harmful than dermabrasion, chemical peels, and skin laser treatments. It is a trustworthy skin treatment that causes minimal to no damage to the skin.

Skin needling has many uses. Here is a list of a few uses for skin needling.

Reasons to Try Skin Needling:

  • Reduction of scarring caused by surgery, acne, or other skin disruptions.
  • Removal of stretch marks and other marks on the skin
  • Pigmentation problems and disorders
  • Tightening and removing areas of sagging skin

Choosing skin needling as an option for skin care could be highly beneficial to you and your skin. The minimally-invasive non-surgical procedure could be the skin treatment that changes your complexion forever. Here are a few benefits of skin needling.

Benefits Of Skin Needling

  • Skin needling can help to reduce scarring and hyperpigmentation on the face and all over the skin areas. The procedure is safe for all skin tones.
  • Skin needling has been proven to be safe for sensitive skin.
  • Patients of skin needling have said that the procedure is tolerable with great results
  • The procedure is cost-effective, and worth it. It can be done on all areas of the skin.
  • Skin needling does not damage the skin or the epidermis. Because of this, skin needling can be repeated without any adverse effects.
  • Skin needling takes a few days to heal. Patients can resume their normal skin routines after just a few days.
  • Skin needling leaves the skin even across treated and non-treated skin.
  • Skin needling can be done in an office or a salon. The treatment does not need to be in an expensive medical room or use expensive medical tools.

beauty-facial-treatment-193x300The skin needling process can seem scary for some, but if you go into your skin needling appointment with clear expectations you will be fine. Here is a step by step guide with what you should expect when you go in for your skin needling appointment.

What to Expect at Your Skin Needling Appointment:

-Step 1- Your specialist will clean the area that will be receiving the skin needling treatment. They will remove any makeup or lotions you may be wearing. Your best bet is to come in with the area already cleaned and ready.

-Step 2 - Next, your specialist will apply a numbing cream. The numbing cream will stop you from feeling any pain. It makes for an overall pleasant experience.

-Step 3 - The specialist will clean the skin again and apply a protectant serum before beginning the process.

-Step 4 - Now the fun part! The derma-roller is rolled over the skin.  This process can last a few minutes or up to an hour. Your skin will be lightly punctured using the derma roller skin needling. The device rolls over your skin multiple times.

-Step 5 -  You’re done! The procedure is usually quick and easy depending on how many areas are being treated.  You can expect your skin to feel tighter immediately after the procedure. The results get better with time. In 3-6 weeks you’ll see major results and changes in your skin.

What to Expect Before and After Skin Needling

Directly after the skin needling procedure, you’ll probably notice some redness and flush on your face. This is normal and will take some time to go away. You may experience redness for 2- 3 days.

You should wait a full 24 hours to apply any makeup or special products on your face. After waiting the designated time period, feel free to lightly apply foundation or cover up on the flushed areas.

The redness will eventually fade away. Once the healing process begins to fade you will notice your skin looking smooth and refreshed. The results will get better and better with time. The treated area will be tighter, wrinkle-free, smooth, and glowing.

Skin needling could be exactly what you need to improve the quality and look of your skin. We recommend consulting a specialist if you are interested in getting the treatment for the first time. A specialist can help you figure out if the procedure is right for you. The procedure should not be performed when pregnant or on some levels of prescription medications.

Is Skin Needling Painful?

The procedure is virtually pain-free. The numbing cream applied at the beginning of the procedure takes away most of your feeling while under the derma-roller. Depending on the areas you want to be treated and the specifics of your needs, the procedure could take anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes.

Be sure to follow the post-procedure care tips to avoid pain or problems after the procedure.

Before and After Skin Needling Tips

Taking care of your skin after the procedure is key to achieving the best results. Here are some tips that will help to assure that you are taking the right steps after your skin needling procedure.

-Stay away from lotions, oils, makeup or any heavy topical products on the day of the procedure.

-You may notice some side effects immediately after the procedure. Depending on the details of your particular treatment, you may experience some redness, dryness or peeling & swelling. The side effects are usually mild and tolerable.

-Protect yourself from the sun for a few weeks after the procedure. Don’t lay on the beach for a tan right after skin needling.

-Use a gentle cleanser before you go to bed during the weeks after the procedure. This will help with acne scars.

-If you are experiencing any problematic after-effects, consult your specialist and they will prescribe the proper antibiotics and creams

-Avoid excess sun exposure for about two weeks after your Dermapen procedure. Your procedure will leave your skin in a sensitive state. Be sure to use sun protection.

-Do not pick at any scabbing that may result from your Dermapen procedure, this may lead to more scarring and adverse results.

-Avoid smoking after your Dermapen experience. Smoking may inhibit collagen production.

-Do not exercise for approximately 24 hours after your Dermapen skin needling treatment. You may feel irritation and stinging from sweat.

-Be patient after your procedure. Full results may not show for several weeks or maybe months depending on the details of your procedure. Scars from burning can take anywhere from six to eight months to begin showing favourable results.

Tips For Skin Needling Treatment

derma-roller-skin-treatment-300x200Here are a few extra tips to keep in mind when you go in for your skin needling appointment.

-Your specialist should be equipped with the proper instruments. Your procedure's location should be cleaned and sanitized.

-Keep in mind that multiple sessions may be needed. Depending on the area of your procedure and the scarring or skin ailments you have, you may need multiple sessions for optimal results.

-Relax. The best advice for a seamless skin needling appointment is to be relaxed. Be calm and relax, the procedure will be done before you know it!

How Much Do Skin Needling Treatments Cost?

Dermapen treatment costs depend on the details of your particular treatment.

-If you are looking for a basic face treatment your package may range between $230 - $299.

-A Dermapen Hollywood lift will cost you between $330 - $400

-Specific body part treatments may range between $50- $200

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Where To Get Skin Needling In Melbourne?

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