Facial treatments aren't just for women. Men's facials will help keep their skin in prime condition. Men's skin is 25% thicker and produces more sebum and oil due to testosterone. This can cause breakouts. Thus, men's facials are customized to meet a man's unique skincare needs. Interest and sales in men's skincare and anti-aging treatments for men has also grown steadily each year.

Should Men Shave Before a Facial?

If you decide to shave, do it the day before your facial. A fresh shave will make your skin more sensitive and may cause irritation during the facial. Fresh shaving cuts will also make your facial experience less pleasant, although your esthetician can avoid the cut areas.

Can Facials Benefit Bearded Men?

Yes, for sure. A facial will help bearded men to keep their beard in top condition, with the hair looking shiny and healthy thanks to the moisturizing products used. You do not have to remove your beard before a facial.

How Often to Get a Men's Facial?

mens-facial-advantages-225x300You will see improvements in your skin after just one facial. However, to maintain these improvements, consider getting a monthly facial. Skin cells go through their life cycle over a month, which means your face will have dead skin cells ready to be exfoliated after a month.

Benefits of Men's Facials

Facials are also not just about looking good. There are many benefits that men get from it. It is a treatment that will improve the overall health of the skin amongst other benefits. Here are six reasons why men's facials are important.

1. To Remove Dirt And Oils

Do you know men produce more oil than women? Well, that’s true, and it’s because their body produces a higher level of the hormone testosterone. If oils accumulate on the skin, they attract dirt which clogs the pores, leading to blackheads, acne, and other blemishes. That’s why it should be removed.

2. To Revitalise Your Skin

Getting a facial helps your skin to replenish itself. The reason why men's skin might look pale and dehydrated is mostly as a result of UV rays' side effects and direct sun rays. But with a men's facial, the skin is hydrated hence revitalising it.

3. Better Shave

Skin irritation after getting a shave is something that men think of as normal, but it’s not. If you see razor burn, inflammation or redness after shaving, it is an indication that you need to get a facial first before a shave. This skincare treatment for men helps to soothe the skin, smooth out the skin and reduce irritation, making shaving easier.

4. Look Younger

Facial treatment is a great anti-aging technique. The skin care treatment will get rid of wrinkles and blemishes that make you look old. That is how you get to look younger.

5. Relaxation

Apart from working on your skin, facial treatment is more like mind therapy and a form of relaxation and self-care. You get a chance to lie still, decompress and relax as the esthetician work on your skin. You will leave the salon relaxed and feeling better. In short, it helps you to release stress.

6. Professional Advice

It is during a facial treatment for men appointment that you will meet one-on-one with a professional esthetician. He/she will analyse your skin and give you professional tips and tricks on how to maintain your skin and keep it healthy with regular facials.

Before and Aftercare Facial Tips

There are a few things you must get right before and after your facial if you want to get the most out of your treatment. Here are things that you should do before and after a facial.

Pre-Facial Care

  • Drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Keep with your normal daily routine so that your therapist can see how your skin fares during a typical day.
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol 24 hours before the appointment. Too much alcohol dehydrates your skin.
  • Avoid using skin care with Retin-A within a three-day window
  • Avoid eating oily foods 

Post-Facial Care

  • man-out-in-the-sun-264x300Drink a lot of water to keep your skin hydrated and also apply face moisturizers for men.
  • Stay out of the sun for the next 24 hours. You can also use sunscreen to reduce the impact of the sun.
  • Avoid applying heavy makeup at least 4 hours after your facial as it clogs the pores.
  • Avoid over-cleansing, heavy creams and harsh toners for at least 24 hours. If you have to clean your face, use a soap-free cleanser instead.
  • Avoid a sauna and hot shower for at least 72 hours. 


How Much Do Men's Facials Cost?

There is no standardized cost of men’s facials in Melbourne but trust me it will not break your bank. Charges vary depending on the package the customer wants and the service quality and location of the salon. Paulina de los Reyes has 3 men’s facial packages that customers can select from. The cost is a reflection of Melbourne and its suburbs such as Williamstown, Newport, and Altona amongst others.


Where Can You Get Men's Facials Done In Melbourne?

skin-care-for-men-in-melbourne-300x200If you are looking for a place to get hair removal for men, including facials in Melbourne and its suburbs, you have plenty of top-class salons to pick from. Paulina de Los Reyes has earned the trust of the Port Phillip Bay and Altona area for almost a decade. PDLR has built an impeccable reputation due to their unrivaled quality of service and competitive prices. In addition, they offer a variety of hair removal for men packages and consultation is free. Whether in Newport, Altona, Williamstown or close to the Melbourne CBD, you should check in at PDLR salon for a facial.


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