Our exclusive face and body skin treatments for men are designed specifically to deal with the common issues that men face with when taking care of their skin. We'll have you feeling and looking fresh in no time!

We also offer a variety of men's hair removal treatments to help you keep yourself looking clean and sharp.


Men's Hair Removal Treatments

More than just waxing. Hair removal treatments have moved beyond waxing a long time ago, and here at Paulina’s we have them all. Sugaring treatments can often be less painful than traditional waxing while delivering the same results. We offer both and the decision is yours.
Would you like to achieve permanent hair removal? Then SHR IPL hair removal is the option for you. Painless, efficient, super effective, fast and the best is than the results we have achieved are simply incredible. If you are unsure what will suit you, give us a call and we can help you to choose the best solution. Call and book a free consultation.

Body or facial area SHR IPL Sugaring Waxing
Consultation Free Free Free
Middle of eyebrows $19 $12 $10
Ears / Nose $19 $12 $10
Full back, neck and shoulders $239 $72 $64
Chest & Stomach $179 $70 $63
Full back $219 $55 $40
Lower back $99 $35 $25
Full arms $179 $45 $35
Uppers arms (includes shoulders) $89 $35 $25
Full legs $299 $70 $55
Bikini $79 $40 $30
G-String $90 $55 $45