Our exclusive face and body treatments for men are designed specifically to deal with the common issues that men face when taking care of their skin. We'll have you feeling and looking fresh in no time!

We also offer a variety of men's hair removal treatments to help you keep yourself looking clean and sharp.


Men's Hair Removal Treatments

More than just waxing. Hair removal treatments have moved beyond waxing a long time ago, and here at Paulina’s we have them all. Sugaring treatments can often be less painful than traditional waxing while delivering the same results. We offer both and the decision is yours.

Would you like to achieve permanent hair removal? Then SHR IPL hair removal is the option for you. Painless, efficient, super effective, fast and the best part is that the results we have achieved are simply incredible. If you are unsure of what will suit you, give us a call and we can help you to choose the best solution. Call and book a free consultation.

Body or facial area SHR IPL Sugaring Waxing
Consultation Free Free Free
Middle of eyebrows $19 $12 $10
Ears / Nose $19 $12 $10
Full back, neck and shoulders $239 $72 $64
Chest & Stomach $179 $70 $63
Full back $219 $55 $40
Lower back $99 $35 $25
Full arms $179 $45 $35
Upper arms (includes shoulders) $89 $35 $25
Full legs $299 $70 $55
Bikini $79 $40 $30
G-String $90 $55 $45

Different Men's Facial Treatments

There are different men’s facial treatments in Melbourne that men can select from. The choice of treatment depends on what you want. Most of the available men's facials target skin sensitivity and dullness, roughened skin, acne, excessive sweating etc. Here are 5 different men's facials to try.

Hydro Facial Treatment

HydraFacial, also known as hydro facial, is one of the popular facial treatments in Melbourne today. It is the only hydradermabrasion procedure that combines skin cleaning, extraction, hydration and oxidant protection and exfoliation simultaneously. The result is clearer and more beautiful skin and with no discomfort. It’s non-invasive, non-irritating and soothing, making it one of the most popular facial treatments in the market. This skin care treatment for men is good for all skin types.


Microdermabrasion has become popular around the world because of its effectiveness in skin treatment. It’s a minimally invasive procedure that works on the tone and texture of the skin. During the procedure, tiny exfoliation crystals are sprayed on the skin, and a special machine is used to ‘sand’ them your skin. It is mostly used for age spots, brown spots, and dull spots. You can also select this skin care treatment for men if you want to get rid of fine lines, wrinkles, blackheads, enlarged pores, stretch marks or pox marks.

Benefits of Men's Facials


Focused on anti-aging? Tell your aesthetician and she will recommend the best facial for this skin goal. If you want to look younger, this is the facial treatment for you. The procedure is designed to slow the aging process, reduce wrinkles and brighten your skin. The anti-aging facial is used to achieve a youthful complexion. There are a number of techniques for anti-aging facial such as the use of vitamins-infused serums, collagen products such as face moisturizers for men among others that are used. If you want to win the war against wrinkles and other aging symptoms, this skin care for men is what you need.


Exfoliation removes dead cells on the skin tissue. Note that dead skin is sometimes responsible for acne and other skin conditions. By just removing the dead cells, you restore a healthy glow as well as the natural skin tone. Also, to look great, there are numerous benefits that men enjoy from exfoliation including increased blood circulation and reduced fine lines and wrinkles.


Facials for acne are not just popular with teenagers, but also men in their 20’s, 30’s and beyond. It’s great for spots, irritating skin, pimples, and acne patients. Before you think of visiting a dermatologist for your acne problems, visit a salon for this treatment first. The facial products used in salons contain antibacterial ingredients that kill bacteria causing acne. The procedure also gets rid of excess oil and dirt, which are two factors that promote acne condition. Tell your facialist about your skin issues and she will recommend a facial suitable for addressing acne. 


Is It Painful?

The answer to whether men's hair removal is painful is a yes and a no. As discussed above, technologies like SHR IPL are pain-free. The other methods have a varying degree of pain. If you go for waxing, it is more painful compared to sugaring. So if you are looking a painless hair removal procedure, look for an SHR IPL treatment.


Why is Waxing for Men so Popular?

Another thing that makes waxing popular is reduced skin damage. There are no adverse effects such as pigmentation or cuts with waxing. It’s a good hair removal method for small areas. SHR IPL, on the other hand, will also allow permanent hair removal. Get the most out of these treatments by following our pre-care and post-care men's hair removal tips.


  • Suits all hair types and colors
  • Good for permanent hair removal
  • Reasonably-priced compared to other methods
  • Readily available


  • Some discomfort
  • Redness (usually with sensitive skin types only)

How Does Sugaring For Men Work?

The procedure works by having the paste or the gel fill the hair cuticle, lubricate it and then extract it from the roots. With sugaring, the hair is removed while still attached to the blood supply, making it ideal for permanent hair reduction. That is why it is said to be one of the best permanent hair removal methods for men.


  • It’s quick when done by an experienced person
  • Both gel and paste are water-soluble hence it is easy to clean off any residue left
  • Over time, it promotes permanent hair removal for men
  • Reasonably-priced


  • Possible redness and inflammation (for men with very sensitive skin)

SHR IPL Hair Removal For Men

SHR IPL hair removal is a combo of two technologies- SHR and IPL- that are reducing hair growth by more than 95%. IPL technology works by emitting a broad spectrum of high-intensity light which absorbs the pigment and in turn kills hair cells. The introduction of SHR helps to maximise IPL energy focus. The technology is designed to focus 50% of the energy on hair melanin while the other 50% targets the stem cell responsible for hair production. That’s how permanent hair removal for men, with hair growth reduced by 95%, is achieved. As a hair removal method, a very small amount of heat is produced hence it causes less pain.


  • Great for people with sensitive skin
  • Permanent hair removal after a course of removal
  • No skin irritation
  • Safe


  • Cannot remove grey, blonde and red hair, only on black hair
  • Cannot be done on sun-exposed skin