How often do you shave? Every day? Every other day? Don’t you grow awfully tired of the whole thing after a while? Well, what if you didn’t have to?

What if, you could have a procedure done that purges these endlessly replenishing follicles for good?

No more buying obscene amounts of razors, no more wasting time making sure every little hair is gone, none of it. You could save face, save time, and save money. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Well, what if it wasn’t a hypothetical? Believe it or not, there are already procedures out there that can help you with these problems, and the technology only gets better by the day. It’s not risky, it’s not overly expensive, it’s just a simple procedure, and then you’re done. Completely, never worry about that spot of hair again, done. So maybe if you’re wrestling with your body’s seemingly endless supply of hair, it might be time to stop. Maybe it’s time for SHR or IPL laser hair removal.

SHR? IPL? What’s That?

laser-treatment-300x209SHR stands for Super Hair Removal, while IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, and they are two of the biggest breakthroughs in hair removal in years.

IPL laser hair removal is a procedure in which the IPL machine will emit a broad spectrum of high-intensity light at multiple wavelengths in order to permanently remove hair. This is the safer of the two methods and is described by most as a completely pain-free treatment.

For SHR IPL they use a different machine that emits just one, a far more focused wavelength that is fine-tuned for the highest amount of follicle absorption. However, this, unfortunately, comes with more risks, as the intensity of the light causes any skin reactions that may occur during treatment to have a higher likelihood of being permanent.

Both the SHR and the IPL procedures have the proper wavelength of light that will convert to heat and permanently disable the hair from growing back, and both have been proven to be effective in permanent reduction of hair in a large variety of areas.

These procedures are the best means of hair removal for men, women, and some of the best permanent hair removal options you can find. Not only that, they can have a host of other positive effects.

For example, IPL can also be used for rejuvenation of the skin, and to treat various conditions such as freckles, sun spots, spider veins, scarring, acne, broken capillaries, and general pigmentation issues.

Okay, But Will Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

If you take into account the fact that you are literally being zapped by a laser, no, it will be alright. Will it be the most comfortable hour of your life? No. It might sting a little, and the area of the procedure might be a little sore, but overall it’s a relatively painless procedure, especially when you consider what you’re getting out of it.

How Should I Prepare for SHR IPL Treatment?

There are some pretty important things you need to do, or not do before the treatment. In the 24 hour window, before you’re treated, you need to shave the area you intend to have treated. The laser has enough work to do, help it out a little.

You need to make sure that the skin isn’t irritated, inflamed, cut or infected. Don’t shine a bright laser right into your new wound.

Don’t bleach the hair you’re getting removed in the weeks before an IPL treatment.

Refrain from all tanning within 2 to 4 weeks of your treatment. That means no sun baking, no tanning creams, or tanning beds.

Don’t wear any perfume, deodorant, or anything that might irritate the area being treated before your appointment. That means no fake tans either.

Don’t wax or tweeze or pluck the area in the month before the treatment. Your body is already going to get a little angry. Don’t frustrate it more.

Okay, I Did IPL, What Next?

woman-after-laser-hair-removal-treatment-300x211So, I’m going to let the cat out of the bag. After treatment, you’re still going to notice some hairs surfacing for a couple of weeks. Now, after just paying to get this hair growing problem fixed, this might be a little frustrating but worry not. This isn’t newly grown hair. This is called purging or shedding, and it’s going to take a second to finish up. That’s just dead hair making its way out of your body. Once your skin is feeling nice and resilient, you’re free to wipe away these hairs or exfoliate, and those, I promise, will be the last hairs you will see in that area.

Until then, protect the treated area and don’t let it get too much light exposure. Remember that you’ve more or less burned the area and it is healing, don’t be afraid to coddle it.

Start the exfoliation process a week after your treatment, but definitely not any earlier.

One of the perks of the more harrowing treatment (SHR), is that you’re done. That hair isn’t coming back; you’re good to go. However, if you opt for the IPL treatment, it may be best to go for multiple treatments to get the best results.

Is Permanent Hair Removal Expensive?

Of course, I could never forget the most important part of any transaction; the money. How much are these treatments going to cost you?

Well, prices are going to depend on where you go, although consultations will generally be free anywhere if you want to get a quote. Paulina De Los Reyes, a reputable clinic near Williamstown North and Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne provides SHR IPL hair removal treatments at reasonable rates.

Upper Lip Hair Removal or Chin Hair Removal: This one is going to cost you about $35, which is more than reasonable if you think about never having to worry about that one hair you didn’t shave scaring your date away again.

Sides of Face: Hairy face? No problem! You can knock those out for just as cheap as the last category. A measly $35 to get rid of even the most unruly facial hairs.

Arms: This one depends on how much of your arms you’re looking to get shaved, but at peak, you’re looking at about $180.

Hairy hands? $19. Have a forest growing from under your armpits? Armpit hair removal is only $59. Sasquatch feet? Get them gone for the low, low price of $19.

Anybody who shaves every day will tell you that these prices are absurdly inexpensive. In just a year you’d make back the money you spent by not having to buy razors, and in a couple of years, you would be saving even more money for having had these procedures.

Luckily there also tend to be a plethora of deals for getting things done together, such as chin and upper lip, half legs and bikini, or arms and underarms. If you’ve been thinking about hair removal, these prices should tell you that there’s really no reason to hold back.

You Got Me, Where Should I Go?

woman-ready-for-SHR-IPL-procedure-300x163IPL laser hair removal is becoming increasingly popular as time flies by, and finding a salon to get it done is easy. But what about a salon that you can trust? If you’re in the Melbourne CBD area, the best of the best that you are going to find is beauty salon Paulina de los Reyes. They’ve been in the area for years, first establishing themselves in Williamstown all the way back in 2015, and since then they have been providing the best quality service for the best price.

SHR IPL hair removal and permanent hair removal are procedures, much like those you would get done at a doctor. As easy and minimally painful as these treatments are, you will still want to make sure that the people treating you are ethical and qualified, and you won’t find anybody better qualified for hair removal for men or women than at Paulina de los Reyes.

Hopefully, this article has convinced you that SHR IPL treatments truly are the way to go for your hair removal needs. There’s really no question about it. It’s easy, it’s effective, and it is affordable, and now you even know where to go to get it done. Don’t let hair problems ruin another day of your life! Get rid of those pesky hairs with SHR IPL treatments.


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