What is the difference between Laser and IPL hair removal methods?
The main difference between IPL and Laser for hair removal purposes is in the technology that each use to generate light.

-IPL hair removal: Emits a broad spectrum (white light) of high-intensity light which is emitted a multiple wavelengths. IPL is a safer method and many has described as a painless treatment.

-Laser hair removal: emits a single, focused and precise wavelength that is optimized for maximum follicle absorption. However due to the higher intensity of the light any skin reactions during the treatment are more likely to e permanent with traditional Laser.

Both IPL and Laser provide the correct wavelength of light that is absorbed by melanin in hair, which converts to heat and permanently disables the hair from growing.

Both systems have been proven to be effective in permanent hair reduction, this includes areas such as your face, Brazilian, bikini, legs, underarms, arms, etc.

You can also use IPL for skin rejuvenation, treating conditions and blemishes including freckles and sunspots, general pigmentation, spider veins, red spots, broken capillaries, rosacea and red scarring, sun damaged skin and acne/acne scars.

Why permanent hair reduction?

  • You want silky, smooth, hair-free skin.
  • You want to give up shaving forever.
  • You want to be free from ingrown hairs or shaving rash.
  • You want hair removal that saves you time and money in the long term.

Before your treatment it is crucial to:

  • Shave the area in the 24 hours before your treatment.
  • Make sure your skin is not irritated, inflamed, cut or infected.
  • Do not use bleach on the hair you want removed in the weeks before IPL treatment.
  • Do not Sunbake or use tanning beds, self-tanning creams or chemical peels for at least 2-4 weeks before your treatment.
  • Do not wear perfumes, deodorants or any potential irritants in the area being treated before your appointment. This also includes any fake tan being in the area being treatment.
  • Wax, tweeze or pluck in the 4 weeks before your treatment.

Post Treatment:
You may notice dead hair surfacing for 2-3 weeks after treatment. Although this may appear to be new growth, it’s not. This process is called purging or shedding and will take time to complete. Once your skin is no longer sensitive, you can wipe away these hairs with a damp cloth or exfoliate with a loofah mitt.

  • Protect the area treated with sun screen and minimal light exposure.
  • Start this exfoliating process 1 week after treatment, but no earlier. To get the best results from your IPL, you may need multiple treatments.

Unfortunately, some skin types will not be able to undergo IPL, this also includes pregnant women or if you are on certain medications which cause ultra violet sensitivity to the skin. Feel free to contact us before coming in for a consult if you have any questions.

Remember before booking for any IPL hair removal treatments we need to see you for a consultation and test patch. During this time we will explain what to do to prepared you for your first treatment as well as we will explain really into detail the process of the treatment.


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Body or Facial Areas Price
Consultation $55 Redeemable with 1st Treatment
Lip or Chin Was $45     Now $30
Side os face Was $45     Now $30
Neck Was$45      Now $30
Full Arms Was $199   Now $179
3/4 Arms Was $169   Now 149
1/2 Arms Was $139   Now 105
Underarms Was $70     Now $59
Stomach Line Was $60     Now $39
Lower back Was $99     Now $59
Bikini Was $85     Now $49
G String Was $115    Now $59
Brazilian XX (No bottom) Was $150   Now $79
Brazilian XXX (Full area) Was $169   Now $89
Full Legs Was $399   Now $269
3/4 Legs Was $299   Now $209
Upper Legs Was $279   Now $199
Lower Legs Was $209   Now $189
Female Packages
Full Legs and Brazilian $289
Full Legs and Bikini $279
Full Arms and Underarms $189
Underarms and Brazilian $99
Chin and Upper Lip $39