Nothing looks better than clean, well-maintained and freshly painted finger nails and toe nails. Regular care for your hands and feet will enhance healthy cuticles and nails. We have a big range of nail polishes, gel nail colours and Infinite shine long lasting nail polish.

Rejuvenation hand treatment   30 minutes    $45
As we age we lose the fat in our hands will decrease, resulting in making our hands appear thin and bony, with prominent veins, age spots and fine lines will appear. Sound awful right ? Well the good news are that we can help you to slow down the process of skin ageing and rejuvenate your beautiful hands. Enjoy massage cleanse, exfoliation with macadamia sea salts scrub, enzymatic hand peel, hydrating mask and moisturising hand massage and sun block application. Your hand will thank you forever.

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Foot bath and nail polish   30 minutes   $35
Take our booth bath to the next level and add nail polish from our extensive selection or O.P.I nail polishes.

Foot bath only   20 minutes   $25
Magical and nurturing treatment for your tired feet. You will no longer have achy and dry skin with this luxurious treatment. Our foot bath is a great introduction to our facials

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Express manicure / pedicure   35 minutes   $50
Removal of cuticles, file, buff, cut, rasping of feet, hydrating massage and nail polish of your choice.

Spa manicure / pedicure   50 minutes   $70
Take our express manicure or pedicure to the next level, organic macadamia sea salts scrub, detoxifying organic clay mask, hot towel booties, nurturing 100% natural organic certified almond oil massage and nail polish of your choice.

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The bundle of joy 90 minutes   $110   save $10
Spa pedicure and express manicure at your service while enjoying a delicious cup of tea.

Foot Peel   20 minutes   $25
PediPeel is the salon only treatment that is designed to remove the hard skin that has developed on the heels or balls of your clients’ feet. It can be applied on dry feet OR having a pedicure, this treatment can be done at two-week intervals. Hard skin on the heels of the feet is softened by PediPeel which facilitates easy removal by scraping and buffing. The result is cleaner and softer skin on the feet.

File, buff and nail polish   $30

Gel nail colour removal only with mini manicure $30

Gel nail removal prior mani or pedi $7

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