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Hair removal treatments

Medical SHR IPL Hair Removal Treatments

Paulina de los Reyes Makeup Beauty Skin Clinic brings to you the latest in SHR IPL Hair Removal. Safer, faster and pain free permanent hair removal treatments. Our device features dual handles for face and body, and the most efficient cooling system, we cannot speak more highly about our wonderful device Medi Pro XL with 2000 watts of power from Soma Lasers Australia. Come and try it today!

Have we told you that it is pain free?


Great for sensitive skins that react strongly to wax, laser or IPL hair removal treatments. Sugar fills the hair follicle, lubricating it and extracting fuzz from the root. Less painful than waxing, sugar pulls the hair off within the direction of the hair growth rather than against it like waxing. The results are less hair breakage and less or no ingrown hairs. As hairs only need to be 15mm long, you are removing them when they are still attached to the blood supply, which promotes permanently hair reduction over time.


Waxing is one of the most common, cost effective and popular choices for hair removal, waxing is time friendly, effective, hygienic and over time provides hair reduction as the follicle and root have been weakened due to removal of the hair. As waxing completely removes the hair from the root, it can take up to 4 weeks for full hair rejuvenation. To be able to wax you need to have at least 3-4 weeks growth for the treatment to be effective.

Body or Facial AreaSHR IPLSugaring or WaxingWaxing
Consultation (redeemable towards your package or first treatment)$40$40$40
Lip or chin$29$15$13
Sides of face$39$21$19
Front or back of neck$39$21$19
Full arms$149$47$42
¾ arms$139$42$37
½ arms$129$37$32
Hands and knuckles$29$15$13
Full legs$159$60$55
¾ legs$149$56$51
Upper legs$139$52$47
Lower legs$139$47$42
Feet and toes$29$15$12
Stomach line$29$17$14
Brazilian XX (no bottom)$69$52$49
Brazilian XXX (full area)$79$57$53
Back of tights$49$22$19
Female PackagesSHR IPLSugaring or WaxingWaxing
Full legs, Brazilian and underarms$219$129$119
Full legs and Brazilian$199$105$95
Full legs and Bikini$179$82$74
Lower legs and Brazilian$169$80$84
Lower legs and bikini$149$69$63
Full arms and underarms$139$65$59
Underarms and Brazilian$89$74$68
Chin and upper lip$39$25$21

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