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For Blokes

Executive Facial $9945 minutes

A facial designed with only one purpose, to bring him results in the easiest way possible. Microdermabrasion facial combined with a facial scrub cleanse and detoxifying but hydrating clay mask followed by the best facial, neck and shoulders massage finalised with hydration to suit individual skin needs.

Pore Cleansing Facial $9945 minutes

A facial designed to cleanse your skin pores. If you suffer from black heads caused by ingrown hairs, old pimples or irritation caused by shaving, then this is your facial. Detoxifying deep cleanse, exfoliation scrub, steam therapy, extractions, followed by the a facial neck and shoulders massage finalised with hydration to suit his skin needs.

The back facial $99

A treatment designed to provide the same benefits as a facial provide but for your back. Great treatment if you suffer from blackheads, ingrown hairs, congestion or uneven skin in your back area. This treatment will help your back eliminate excess of dirt and body oils. Double cleanse, exfoliating scrub, steam therapy, extractions, followed by a hydration back massage.

Add body microdermabrasion for only $49

Men’s Hair Removal Treatments

More than just waxing! Hair removal treatments have moved beyond waxing a long time ago, and here at Paulina’s we have them all. Sugaring treatments can often be less painful than traditional waxing while delivering excellent results. Furthermore SHR IPL hair removal is painless, efficient, super effective and fast with fantastic results.If you are unsure what will suit you, give us a call and we can help you to choose the best solution.

Body or Facial Area SHR IPL Sugaring Waxing
Consultation $40 $40 $40
Middle of eyebrows $19 $12 $10
Brow clean up - $29 $26
Ears $29 - $22
Inside of Nose - - $10
Full back $199 $57 $42
Lower back $199 $57 $42
Shoulders $89 $37 $27
Underarms $59 $30 $26
Full arms $159 $57 $52
Uppers arms (includes shoulders) $89 $39 $22
Full legs $179 $70 $60
Bikini $79 - $33
G-String $90 - $49
Manzilian XXX (all off) $129 - $90
Manzilian XX (not pelvic area included) $109 - $79
Buttom (outter) $79 - $40
Buttom (inner) $69 - $49
Male Packages: SHR IPL Sugaring Waxing
Full back, neck and shoulders $219 $74 $66
Chest & Stomach $149 $72 $65

Note:Whilst the bloke section has been created exclusively for men to simply choices and options, we also offer all treatments excluding hair removal for men. Please contact the salon if you are unsure of what treatment to have.


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