Semi permanent eyebrow tattooing also commonly known as Feather Stroke, Micro Blade or Embroidery is a relatively new tattooing technique. Using a manual tool.  Tamsin Ragusa will create a pattern of lines that mimics your own hair growth pattern while implanting pigment. The result is a very natural looking brow, often difficult to detect that is in fact a tattoo.

Pigments are not implanted as deep into the skin as a traditional tattoo therefore results don't last as long as traditional methods. A touch up maybe required within 12 months. For those who tan often or expose their brow area to certain chemicals found in facial cleansers, peels, chlorine and even some anti agin products. Pigments retention depends on skin type, age, aftercare and your immune system, results should last between 12 and 24 months.

During your appointment your brows will be shaped and drawn to your approval. Each brow is custom designed to enhance your features according to your facial proportions and your natural brow shape. Once your are happy with the shape, the area will be numb and Tamsin will start the procedure. The first appointment takes approximately 2 hours from start to finish and 1 hour perfecting session is schedule for 4 weeks later.

The perfecting session allows for minor touch ups to shape and colour only if necessary. You will be sent home with aftercare instructions and product, which you must follow diligently to ensure the best healing results possible.

We use the finest hypoallergenic pigments containing no FD&Cs or coal tar derivatives. All materials used are 100% disposable and we strictly adhere to health and safety guidelines for proper infection control practices.