Are you still stuck with the old solid unnatural-looking eyebrows? If yes, then you’ve been missing out on quite a lot. Feather brows is the trending brow treatment that is leaving a more natural finish. It is a form of eyebrow microblading treatment that is taking the Melbourne beauty industry by storm due to the numerous benefits that women, especially those with a busy lifestyle and the elderly ladies, are getting. If you want to transform your look by improving your thinning eyebrows, then feather tattoo eyebrows are all that you need. This handy guide will give you everything you need to know about feather eyebrows.

What Are Feather Brows?

what-are-feather-brows-300x200Feather brows is a type of semi-permanent tattoo eyebrows applied in fine strokes, which mimics natural eyebrow hair. The tattoo makeup follows the shape of your natural eyebrow making them look natural unlike when using eye pencils. The feather brows technique uses fine blades for creating incisions where the pigments deposited then create the fake brows. The procedure has quickly gained popularity with women that have thinning eyebrows and those with a busy lifestyle. That’s because feather tattoo eyebrows offer a long-term solution to the user. Once you get these cosmetic eyebrow tattoos, they can last for a whole year if you adhere to the aftercare instructions.

Will I Take Long To Heal?

After you have your tattoo makeup done, the next thing to do is to heal the traumatized skin. The process will take some time, but the duration varies from one person to the other. It will also depend on how strictly you follow the aftercare instructions as provided by your beautician. In an ideal situation, the skin will take about seven to ten days to heal after the eyebrow feathering procedure. In other cases, it is 14 days. But for you to go back to your normal life, it should take about a month for you to have healed completely. Therefore, you must follow the provided aftercare instructions strictly for you to heal fast.

Does It Work for Everyone?

Unfortunately, eyebrow feathering is not for everyone. However, most people do qualify for this eyebrow tattooing procedure. One of the biggest challenges with this form of tattoo makeup is that it’s an invasive procedure that traumatizes the skin. That is why it is discouraged for people with skin problems or disorders. If you have bleeding disorders, are allergic to ink, or taking acne medication, you should not attempt to undergo the procedure. But if you don’t have any of this, then you can get eyebrow feathering at any time. To ensure your safety, take a medical test first to help you make the right decision.

Eyebrow Tattoo Pre-Care Tips

To get a perfect feather brow done, you need to get it right psychologically and health-wise. These are brows that will last for a long time and will also traumatise your skin. The health of your skin is among the most important factors while preparing to get feather stroke eyebrows. You need to have healthy and non-irritated skin for the procedure to be successful. Here are the key tips on how to get skin-ready for a feather eyebrow pre-care-tips-before-eyebrow-tattoo-procedure-200x300treatment:

-Reduce exercise to avoid dehydration of the skin.

-Avoid sun and sunburns at least seven days before the procedure

-Do not drink alcohol 24 hours before the procedure. That is because it will dehydrate your skin and could also cause excessive bleeding

-Avoid consuming coffee before the procedure since it has the same impact as alcohol on the body.

-Avoid all facial procedures including waxing, picking, or performing electrolysis one week before the procedure

-Do not take blood thinners for at least 48 hours

-Avoid nutritional shakes, fish oil, and prenatal vitamins

-No workouts for 24 hours before the procedure

-Do not take medicines such as aspirin while preparing for the eyebrow feathering process


Feather Eyebrow Aftercare Tips

How quickly the skin heals and how long you will enjoy your feather stroke brows will depend on how you follow the aftercare instructions. The beautician will give instructions on how to take care of the brows. You need to run a wet cotton swab, dipped in sterilised water so that it can get rid of the excess dye. The water will also help to sterilise the brow area to prevent infection. Here are other aftercare tips that will help you get most of your microblading eyebrows:

-Avoid wearing make up for in the first 7 days as the pigment is still settling into the cuts or incisions made with the fine blades.

-Avoid picking at scabs, itches, or tugging at the eyebrow area

-Your hair should be away from the brow line because it can sweep the pigment away

-Do not go swimming, to a sauna, or any other activity that would trigger excessive sweating.

-Avoid turning or direct sun exposure for 4 weeks after the procedure

-You must not sleep on your face for the first 10 days

-Avoid sunscreen and topical makeup on the area


How Much Does It Cost?

eyebrow-tattooing-results-300x200The cost of eyebrow feathering won’t break your bank. If you look around Melbourne CBD and suburbs like Newport, Williamstown North, and Antona, you will find that there is a very small variation in pricing. To help get an idea on how much this eyebrow tattoo Melbourne costs, we have sampled Paulina de los Reyes salon prices. They are a reputable salon based in Port Phillip Bay, Altona. What you see is a reflection of how eyebrow tattoos cost in Melbourne’s beauty industry.

So if you are in the Melbourne CBD or the suburbs and you want to get feather tattoo eyebrows, the beauty industry has something for you. But you need to visit a reputable salon to get the most from the treatment. Fortunately, you have plenty of classic and top-ranked salons to select from both in Melbourne CBD and its suburbs such as Williamstown North, Altona, Williamstown and Newport, where you can get the brows done.

Paulina de los Reyes has built an impeccable reputation in Melbourne for almost a decade. We have some of the most experienced eyebrow tattooing experts you can find in Melbourne. Expect high-quality equipment, professionalism and a smooth procedure, not to mention reasonable pricing. Book an appointment for great service.


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