Feather Brows or Microblading

Hair like strokes individually placed into the epidermis. Results will give an optical illusion that delivers semi-permanent and natural looking hair strokes. Includes complimentary touch up (4-6 weeks after treatment).

Ombré Brows

Do you want the “make-up look”. This service is applied by shading the shaped brow design with the right choice of pigment depending on your skin tone. The Ombré brow technique can produce a soft yet defined ‘shadow’ effect. This technique can also be used as a combination with micro-blading.  Includes complimentary touch up (4-6 weeks after treatment).

12 weeks touch up


3 – 6 months touch up

Brow wax or shape, brow tint and lash tint

6-12 Month touch up $299
12 -18 Month touch up $399
18-24 Month touch up $449
After 2 years treatment will be full price.