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Crystal Healing Therapy Treatments

Paulina de los Reyes Makeup Beauty Skin Clinic brings to you a therapy that within our industry is quite rare. We have combined the healing properties and energy from crystals with indulgent facial and body massage techniques.

There is no hocus pocus in our therapy and we are not reiki masters. We simply offer an amazing facial and massage flow technique combined with the beautiful healing crystals that our mother earth has created herself. We invite you into our beautiful treatment rooms with the desire of making you feel amazing using the positive energy vibrations of the crystals, beautiful skincare products, relaxing music all combined with a soothing ambiance.

Open your mind to something individual and different approach to treat your physical, mental and spiritual body.  A contrasting way to heal, treat ageing, to rejuvenate and feel amazing. Come and try these beautiful treatments.

Paulina has completed an intensive Yoga course where has she learnt so much about chakras, healing energies and meditation. Paulina has personally experienced the energies that crystals offer you where during a stressful life period these alternative healing options best supported her health well-being.

Crystals came at that time, calling to her. From there small changes happened and lots of beautiful things started to change and be achieved. Paulina began researching the crystal healing properties and wanted to implemented these beautiful creations from Mother Earth into her practice and clinic as treatments.  With careful and considerate thoughtfulness, she has created a therapy sequence design that requires individual crystal selection for each individual.

Each of our treatments involves a mandatory consultation prior to you commencing your sequence.

Crystals Facials Crystals Body Massage
7 Stone Chakra Facial Basal to Crown Facial Half Body Crystal Massage Full Body Crystal Massage
45 minutes $90 75 minutes $160 45 minutes $80 75 minuts $149
A taste of our beautiful facial sequence customising your treatment according to your skin needs with our beautiful G&M Neurocosmedics skincare, Chakra point healing crystal therapy followed by our rose quartz or green adventuring massage, warm towels and a delightful essential oil experience through your facial The whole experience healing each of your chakras with one crystal at the time allowing your skin to detoxify and improve its own nature by removing energy blockages that are stopping its natural function. This treatment comes with the wellness of a gorgeous rose quartz or green adventuring facial, neck and décolletage massage as well the beautiful G&M Neurocosmedics skincare full protocol and a beautiful meditation guided by your therapist. You will walk out of this treatment on cloud nine and your skin will thank you forever. A delightful massage performed on the back of your legs, back and scalp. Choice of relaxation to a deep tissue massage technique combining the healing properties of our Crystals selection, beautiful warm towels and a great experience. As like our Basal to Crown facial, our full body massage is the whole experience. Your physical, spiritual and mental body will be in vibration together. The healing properties of our crystals will treat each of your chakra energy points, treating your whole body, spirit and mind as one. Harmonising all energy in your body through the options of relaxation or deep tissue massage, allowing toxins to be released, energy blockages to disappear and allowing energy flow through the whole body. A great option for anyone wanting to take their massage ritual to a whole new level.

Natural Beauty Like Never Before

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